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Infiniti and diesels on Real Wheels car chat Washington Post

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Good Morning Warren and friends, A Federal judge has set March 24th as the deadline for Volkswagen to come up with a fix for 600,000 diesel models violating emissions standards. We have a lot of really smart people that chat with us. Do any of you try to figure out how this emission issue could [...]

California and BMW M2; not a State, a state of mind

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There's a reason that California houses the most Billionaires in the United States. Known for trendsetting, for thinking outside of the box, California loves uniqueness. California is not just a State; it's a state of mind. The Pacific Coast Highway is 150 miles of jagged rocks and blue water stretching from Carmel to [...]

Are diesel cars dying in the United States?

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In January 2016, there were 500 diesel cars sold in the United States. Volkswagen has put its 2.0-liter and 3.0-liter vehicles sales on hold till they can figure out an acceptable solution to the EPA and CARB for their Generation 1 - Generation 3 and 3.0-liter emission equipped vehicles that currently do not meet emissions [...]

MINI topless, BMW M2 on Washington Post Real Wheels live car chat

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, I had the most fun last week. I got to drive the new MINI convertible in Los Angeles, and then we flew up to Carmel and drove the BMW M2 coupe down to Big Sur, CA. It was just a stunning day to be driving highway 1. How many of [...]

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