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Electra Meccanica Solo, Ford Focus, carchat

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, We're flying solo today folks. My good buddy, and yours, Warren, is on hiatus. He and my girlfriend, Mary Anne, aka Mrs. Brown, are in the throes of packing, moving and unpacking. The good news is that Stretch and I now have our own room in their new house. I'm [...]

August auto sales, Jaguar F-Pace, Toyota carchat

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, August is done! August is an interesting month; it's the end of Summer, the time everyone starts buckling down again and getting serious. Many people take vacations during August, which is why auto sales are traditionally off a bit. Do we have chatters in Florida? If so, is everyone okay [...]

Car sales, autonomous vehicles, Batchelor radio show

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Listen to the John Batchelor radio show about this story by clicking on the link Why were auto sales down in August, Matt? I asked the guy painting my house, "vacations, everyone is on vacation, and they are getting ready for their kids to go back to school." He's right. He was right [...]

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