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Chevy Bolt energy center eHorizon for motorcyclists

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, I went to Detroit this week and visited General Motor's Energy center. I got to see the lab where they tested the batteries for the Chevy Volt and the Chevy Bolt. It's amazing how far batteries have come just in my time; from lead acid batteries to Nickel Metal Hydride [...]

Continental brings eHorizon to motorcycles and cars

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At the Los Angeles Auto Show Hans Heibl talked about e-Horizon. Hiebl is the executive VP Infotainment and Connectivity for Continental AG. Continental has been working on autonomous and connected cars for years. Connecting cars, the ability to speak car-to-car of infrastructure-to-car is an important aspect of autonomous vehicles. Most connected communities are working with [...]

From CA to CA over Thanksgiving carchat

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Good Morning Warren and Friends, From CA to CA - from California to Canada. I am at the Westin Harbour in Toronto Canada covering the Natural Ultimate Fitness Event. I am trying to get healthy, and while I don't want to be as assiduous as the contestants, I like the idea of working out, no [...]

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