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Samsung Harman Kardon connected life IFA 2017

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Harman's Executive Vice President of Lifestyle Audio Michael Mauser owns a Samsung phone. We're standing in front a Jeep. What do a vehicle and a smartphone have in common? Harman Kardon microphones and speakers. Mauser says that the new parent company, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., doesn't have plans to merge the two companies. We're talking [...]

Hurricane Harvey and the water continues to rise

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As I watch the devastation of Hurrican Harvey on television I see people in the streets; they are wading through water that is up to their waist. These are grown men at least six feet tall, helping other people out of the water. While car sales will see a decline for the short-term in Texas, [...]

Singer Vehicle & Watch: Restored Reimagined Reborn

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Porsche is one of the iconic cars of our time. The Porsche 911 and 964 are on the racetrack pedestal with other Supercars that have the respect of time and tribulation. If you are a Porsche-phile, you will know of Singer Vehicle Design. Singer Vehicle Design turns old Porsches into six-figure dollar dreams. The reality [...]

Gunther Werks 400R Concept and Apollo 13

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Apollo 13 is my all-time favorite movie. I have watched that show over 100 times and have it on DVD, VHS, and on my desktop. My entire body is frozen in time while I wait for the guys to come through the black hole with no communication. That's four minutes standing by; Odyssey, this is [...]

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