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1915 Carl Fisher Packard 2-38 Six Runabout

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1915 Packard 2-38 Six Runabout Carl G. Fisher ordered the 1915 Packard Model 38 Runabout in 1914. Fisher is one of the founders of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In 1915 Fisher drove the Packard as the pace car at the fifth annual Indianapolis "Indy" 500. Nancy and Allen Strong purchased the car and have kept [...]

Shell Eco-marathon Sonoma Raceway in 2018

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One of my favorite events of the year will be held in Sonoma, California this year. The Sonoma Raceway has is the location for the 2018 Shell Eco-marathon. I have been following the Shell Eco-marathon since 2007 the Los Altos' Infusion won first place in the fuel cell hydrogen category with 1,038 miles per gallon. [...]

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