2018 Nissan Kicks for millineals and baby boomers

For years after the first Apple iPhone came onto the market, I owned a Blackberry. I was a blackberry loyalist, a two-thumber as they called us, we could write entire paragraphs with just our two thumbs emulating the secretary of yesteryear. My husband, ever the geek at heart, bought an iPhone as soon as they came out and would wax eloquently of the virtues of the iPhone. I didn’t like the iPhone because I wouldn’t be able to use the haptic touch feel to double thumb because the iPhone had the digital typing screen, not analog buttons.

All of that changed the day SIRI came out. Voice recognition was the breakthrough that made me switch from a blackberry to an iPhone, even though my blackberry worked just fine. No more typing, I used the dictaphone known as SIRI instead. It was only after the switch that I found out how much technology was in the iPhone and realized I could never go back.

pink_flamingos 2018 Nissan Kicks for millineals and baby boomers Nissan

2018 Nissan Kicks with safety suite

The Nissan Kicks feels the same way in the trim levels as the blackberry did with the iPhone. There are three trim levels; S, SV, and SR and the difference is in the technology you want. The S model has absolutely everything you need including remote access, Head unit and speakers, Steering wheel audio controls, and Streaming Audio via Bluetooth.

If you want the NissanConnect featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you will need to purchase the SV or SR, but you can plug into the car or Bluetooth multiple units in your carplay. If you are old school and want analog buttons get the S trim level; for the digital get the SV or SR. If you want the NASA inspired zero gravity seats buy this vehicle, it might be the least expensive way to get them.

2018_nissan_kicks_driver 2018 Nissan Kicks for millineals and baby boomers Nissan

Does this 2018 Nissan Kicks have NASA inspired zero gravity seats?

The Nissan Kicks is powered by a 1.6-liter DOHC four-cylinder making 125 horsepower and 115 lb-ft of torque available only with a Continuous Variable Valve Timing Control System (CVTCS) in front-wheel drive only. The five-seat, four-door X-SUV unveiled at the 2014 Sao Paulo Motor Show weighs a mere 2,672 pounds.

Who would buy this baby SUV? There are two groups, the Millenials, and the Baby Boomers.

Nissan Kicks’ competition is the Ford EcoSport, the Hyundai Kona, Toyota C-HR, Chevrolet Trax, Honda HR-V, Mazda CX-3, and the Kia Soul. We can add the Corolla hatchback to the list as well. The Kicks is nimble and easy to drive, though I would like the steering tightened a wee bit. I liked the intelligent braking and rear camera sensors with audible controls. A real plus is the 34.4-foot turning radius.