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2020 Cadillac CT5 Photos, Powertrain, ASMR video

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Cadillac revealed its first-ever CT5 sedan with a social media campaign designed to stimulate the senses using autonomous sensory meridian response, also known as ASMR.

I’m saving you here; the video is eight seconds long. I had a couple of friends listen to the video without watching it, and this is what they heard; A pair of black George Harrison Beatle boots walking towards you in a garage and then a door. Next is the crinkling of someone surreptitiously rustling a candy bar in the middle of a symphony. The eighth second is the sound of a vault door closing. The only thing you miss by not watching it is the CT5 logo. You are welcome. Plus, I have pictures of the actual car to show you.

The next set of videos will hopefully focus on distinct sounds such as the rev of the CT5’s available 3.0L Twin Turbo engine, audio from its Bose Performance Series speakers and the whisper of its custom black-and-white camouflage wrap slowly being peeled away to reveal the new sedan’s exterior.

“The Cadillac CT5 is meant to overwhelm all of the senses, and that’s why we’re using ASMR-style videos to showcase its features,” said Deborah Wahl, Cadillac chief marketing officer. “The ‘Sensory Symphony’ videos are designed to convey for viewers the same satisfying feeling that arises from driving this car.”

The brand will feature a new video each week leading up to the New York Auto Show, where the CT5 will make its public debut, culminating in a “Sensory Symphony” video of vehicle sounds on April 16.

“Sound leaves a lasting impression, and that’s why it is such a focus for this vehicle,” said Brandon Vivian, Cadillac executive chief engineer. “With standard sound optimization and active noise cancellation, our goal is to deliver a world-class cabin experience with a Cadillac-exclusive curated sound library.”

The CT5 is a great addition for Cadillac, as not everyone wants an SUV. I know, hard to believe but it is true. Many people want the CTS, ATS, XTS CT6 to stay around but as of right now Cadillac says, “We currently have plans to continue production of CT6 at Detroit Hamtramck until January. We understand that CT6 plays an important role in our portfolio and continue to explore our options on continuing production beyond January.” I read this as if we have the sales and can find a place to produce it we will continue to make the CT6.

Not to fret my lovelies, while the CTS is going away the CT5 is coming out. The CT5 will be a D segment competitor. The current CTS is a full E segment competitor. It is rumored that the CT4 will take the spot of the ATS. As long as they have the option of my beloved magnetic ride control I am good with anything they want to call it.

The design of the 2020 Cadillac CT5 has people talking

CT5 showcases Cadillac’s unique expertise in crafting American performance sedans, with details designed to elevate every drive. Built on the evolution of Cadillac’s award-winning RWD/AWD Alpha architecture, the CT5 features a standard 2.0L Turbo and available 3.0L Twin-Turbo engine with unique sound calibrations, each paired to a standard 10-speed automatic transmission offering nearly imperceptible shifts.

Cadillac says the driver-centric cockpit inside the CT5 blends high technology and high touch for an exceptional blend of control tactility. The new sedan will be offered in Luxury and Sport models, giving customers more choices in appearance and ride character.

The CT5 will be built at GM’s Lansing Grand River facility, which received an investment of $211 million to build the next-generation Cadillac sedan, and will make its public debut in April at the New York International Auto Show.

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