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2020 Toyota Corolla the binky blanket of cars

2020 Toyota Corolla

  • Handsome side design
  • Standard Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 for $20,000
  • There is a manual transmission on the Sporty SE model
  • Available Dynamic-Shift CVT or six-speed manual transmission
  • Standard Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa compatibility, and Wi-Fi Connect

It’s easy to like the Toyota Corolla. Toyota is a well-known brand, and the Corolla has been around since 1966. The Corolla is like an old binky blanket that has been in your home since you were a child. No matter what has happened in your life, you can look at that binky blanket and feel comforted at its reliability. After twelve generations, the Toyota Corolla has become the binky blankets in many households.

The 2020 Toyota Corolla is a value-packed sedan with standard safety for the Millenial looking for a safe car to drive. It is stylish and comfortable to drive. Toyota has redesigned the exterior of the Corolla to look sportier, leaner. The driving is tighter; the engine is smaller, giving it a more secure feel going up a hill. The car’s center of gravity is lower, which improves its overall balance.

The 2020 Corolla sedan L, LE, and XLE grades will use the 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine. With more horsepower than the previous generation, the base engine gets an EPA-estimated 30 mpg in the city and 38 mpg on the highway.

The SE and XSE grades are powered by a new 2.0-liter Dynamic-Force direct-injection inline four-cylinder engine. The CVT-equipped 2.0-liter engine has an EPA estimate of 31 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway.

The base model 2020 Corolla is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen

The base model 2020 Corolla is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen

The base model 2020 Corolla is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, while the LE trim and above feature a larger 8-inch display. All models use wired CarPlay via USB ports. Toyota says the 2020 Corolla will be available at dealerships this March, starting at $19,500 in the United States.

Safety for all that makes sense

Toyota Safety Sense has a whole suite of safety, aptly named Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. Of all the advanced suite of integrated active and pre-collision safety features, my favorite is still the blind-spot monitoring. I was merging onto the freeway and saw the truck, but not the car behind it. But the orange spot in my side mirror started blinking so fast I thought it was trying not to cry. Sure enough, I looked to my left and missed the car in my blind spot.

many first-time buyers purchase a Corolla

many first-time buyers purchase a Corolla

Because so many first-time buyers purchase a Corolla, Toyota made safety sense standard on the Corolla. That means safety features such as automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane trace assist, automatic high beams, adaptive cruise control, lane departure alert with steering assist, and road sign assist are standard on all vehicles. It’s a smart move when you think about it; Toyota is putting safety into the entry-level cars. Being safe will keep their consumers alive, and in the Toyota line-up, longer.

Sticking it to the competition with a manual transmission

The U.S. News and World Report reported that in 2016, only eighteen percent of Americans knew how to drive a stick shift. data says that just 2 percent of all vehicles sold in 2018 was a manual transmission. It is a big deal that one of the best selling sedans in America is offering a manual transmission for under $23,000. Because of the packaging, you won’t get the JBL sound system or heated front seats.

If you want to buy the new 2020 Toyota Corolla, your binky blanket is already on sale. The Corolla has been and will continue to be assembled at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi (TMMMS), and as of 2021, the Toyota Corolla will also be assembled at the new joint-venture manufacturing plant with Mazda in Huntsville, Alabama.

2020 Toyota Corolla Specifications:

Vehicle Type: sedan
Base Price: $19,600
Engine Type: Internal Combustion Engine regular gasoline
Displacement: 1.8-Liter, 4-Cylinder DOHC 16-Valve, with Valvematic
Horsepower: (net) 139 hp @ 6,100 rpm
Torque: (lb.-ft.) 126 lb-ft @ 3,900 rpm
Displacement: 2.0-Liter Dynamic Force 4- Cylinder DOHC 16-Valve
Horsepower: (net) 169 hp @ 6,600 rpm
Torque: (lb.-ft.) 151 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm
Transmission: CVT
Turning Circle: (curb-to-curb) 17 feet
Curb Weight:
2,910 lbs. (L)
2,955 lbs. (LE)
3,045 lbs. (XLE)
3,055 lbs. (SE 6MT)
3,110 lbs. (SE CVT)
3,150 lbs. (XSE)
Fuel Capacity: 13.2 gallon
EPA Mileage Rating:
29/36/32 SE 6MT
31/40/34 SE CVT
31/38/34 XSE
30/38/33 L
30/38/33 LE
29/37/32 XLE

2020 Toyota Corolla models and pricing:

2020 Toyota Corolla L
2020 Toyota Corolla LE
2020 Toyota Corolla SE Manual
2020 Toyota Corolla Nightshade
2020 Toyota Corolla XLE
2020 Toyota Corolla XSE

MSRP:: From $19,600
MPG: Up to 31 city / 40 highway
Horsepower: 139 to 169 hp
Fuel tank capacity: 13.2 gal
Engine: 1.8 L 4-cylinder, 2.0 L 4-cylinder

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