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24 hours of lemons

As the world’s only endurance road race for cars that cost $500 or less, the 24 Hours of LeMons will reach new heights (or is it depths?) on 29-30 December ’07 with a move to Thunderhill Raceway Park in Willows CA.

The series’ other tracks include Altamont Motorsports Park near San Francisco and Flat Rock Speedway outside Detroit. At this rate, figure on the Nurburgring sometime around 2029. To be eligible for the 24 Hours of LeMons, cars must be formerly street-legal, no more than 4200 pounds, and get to the starting line for $500 or less, exclusive of a roll cage and other mandatory safety equipment. Entry fees for the 24-hour Thunderhill race are the series’ usual: $500 per car + $100 per driver, with four to six drivers required per team.


29-30 December ’07 (the weekend between Xmas & New Year’s)

Thunderhill is a super-boss track about two hours north of San Francisco. They’ve got a pants-wetting fun road course, huge pits, lots of indoor garages, a fancy-schmancy new clubhouse, RV hookups, food you can actually digest, and lots of support staff.

These facts make it all the more amazing that they’ve invited us to hold a 24 Hours of LeMons there on the weekend between Christmas and New Year’s (29-30 December ’07).

If we do this thing, the Misfit Toys 24 Hours of LeMons will go twice around the clock (2 pm Saturday to 2 pm Sunday) rain or shine, snow or sleet, with no breaks and no mercy. We’re talking a full 24-hour endurance race this time, with a highlight on the word “endurance.” Look for extra-cruel Santa-themed penalties, a New Year’s pit bash on Saturday night, the Jacob Marley Rattley Chain Tug-of-War Qualifying Heat, and other Rankin & Bass-worthy mayhem.

Think maybe you’re interested? Please drop me a line – I wanna find out how many other people think driving a Gremlin for 24 hours straight is a good way to celebrate the High Holy Days. If it seems there’s enough interest, I’ll accept Thunderhill’s invite and post signup sheets on the website shortly.

So–here’s hoping your family’s glad to be rid of you over the holidays. Mine certainly is.

Best, Jay

Jay Lamm, Chief Perpetrator
5675 Horton Street, Suite C
Emeryville CA 94608



Turn 1: KnickerTwist
Turn 2: Marquis de Sade’s Downhill Sweeper
Turn 3: False Confidence Corner
Turn 4: Coronary Occlusion Curve
Turn 5: Ray Charles Memorial Blind Hill
Turn 5a: The Colon Clencher
Turn 6: Too Far From the Fire Trucks Turn
Turn 7: Botany 101
Turn 8: Boy It Sure is Dark Back Here
Turn 9: Vomitron Hill
Turn 10: Holy Crap I’m Too Hot Into Ten
Turn 11: Precisely Why LeMons Cuts Over at Six
Turns 12-13: How Am I Still on the Pavement Chicane
Turn 14: The Nine Ways to Screw It Up Hairpin
Turn 15: About Freakin’ Time Turn

Lou Ann Hammond

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