Continental’s 3D Flash Lidar already in use

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While most people at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) are talking about 3D Flash LIDAR in cars, Brashtech is putting the Continental G6A1 Flash LiDAR Camera in their drones. Evan Flyn, Engineer for the High-resolution 3D Flash Lidar ADAS, Continental said that the properties that make this Lidar so valuable in a car are the [...]

Toyota e-Palette changes the moving space concept

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For the sophisticated mobility palate, Toyota connected has launched a concept vehicle and new mobility ecosystem at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) * Toyota’s Global Mobility Services Platform (MSP) will be leveraged with the e-Palette alliance which will develop advanced vehicle and related mobility services for business applications. Toyota Motor Corporation President Akio [...]

Harman Moodscape – The power of personalization

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The power of personalization Once the HARMAN AudioworX platform is developed Harman is ready to bring a new era of personalization in autonomous vehicles and shared mobility. “When it comes to their vehicles, today’s consumers are all about the experience and are less concerned about the technology behind it. At HARMAN, we are constantly focused [...]

Hyundai VW Aurora ~ six degrees of separation

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In 2005 and 2007 whiz kid Chris Urmson was involved in the Darpa autonomous challenge with the Carnegie Mellon University, first as a student, next as a faculty member. The most significant challenger was Stanford University, led by Sebastian Thrun. Urmson has gone from science projects, such as the gravitational pull of a ball-bearing, to [...]