New York International Auto Show (NYIAS)

David Vieau, President and CEO of A123Systems, and Lou Rhodes, Vice President-Advanced Vehicle Engineering and President of ENVI sat down with me at the 2009 New York auto show to talk batteries & Chrysler hybrids.

The heart of ENVI’s battery system is a scalable battery module, built by A123. The first five vehicles include the Dodge Circuit EV, Jeep Wrangler EV, Jeep Patriot EV, Chrysler Town & Country EV, and the Chrysler 200C EV concept. At the reveal, Chrysler announced its intention to bring the company’s first production electric vehicle, the Dodge Circuit EV, to market in 2010.

A123Systems is currently planning a site in Michigan where it will manufacture Nanophosphate Lithium-ion prismatic battery cells, modules, and battery packs for Chrysler LLC.

ENVI — letters that represent the first four letters of the environment — is Chrysler LLC’s entrepreneurial in-house organization focused on electric-drive production vehicles and related advanced technologies. ENVI is a cross-functional, nimble team empowered to move quickly and access vast resources within Chrysler LLC in order to integrate electric-vehicle technology into existing products.