Aeromobil the flying car is the future

The first flying car I ever saw was the 1956 Moult Taylor designed Aerocar. There were only 4-5 Aerocars built.

The second flying car was the First Flying Car with No Pilot License Required, the Terrafugia transition.

At the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) Aeromobil debuted their flying car. The best Human Machine Interface so far in a flying car, the Aeromobil uses a unique glass cockpit system, with a display setup familiar to those in the aviation world and the necessary information pertaining to the automotive operation of the vehicle. The Aeromobil transforms seamlessly into the perfect display system for use in flight mode or driving mode.

The Slovakian start-up flying car is the first commercially available flying car and was unveiled in Monaco at the Monaco auto show. Be prepared to go to your Swiss bank; this flying car will set you back a cool $1.5 million. The race is on for the best flying car, the vehicle you can fly to work and then drive to your office, and back home again.