I first met Akimasa Yasuoka at the California Air Resources Board meetings. I ran into him again at the 2009 Los Angeles autoshow.  He updated me on the demands CARB is making on the auto industry.

At the March 2008 Board Hearing, the California Air Resources Board (ARB or the Board) adopted modifications to the zero emission vehicle (ZEV) regulation as stated in Resolution 08-241. According to Resolution 08-24, staff is to:
· Review the low emission vehicle (LEV), Pavley (GHG), and ZEV programs, keeping in mind the need to reduce criteria pollutant emissions, climate change emissions, and dependence on petroleum,
· Strengthen the ZEV program for model years 2015 and subsequent, focusing on ZEVs and enhanced advanced technology partial zero emission vehicles (Enhanced AT PZEVs),

· Ensure California is the center of ZEV commercialization development

What is needed in order to reach an 80% reduction in GHG emissions from 1990 levels by 2050?
The Governors Executive Order establishes an overall 80% GHG reduction goal by 2050, compared to 1990 levels. In order to meet this goal, emissions from most sources of will need to be reduced substantially.

Given that the transportation passenger vehicle subsector accounts for 28% of the states GHG
emissions today, it will be difficult to meet the 2050 goal unless this subsector achieves large reductions.

Graph 1 shows one path to meeting an 80% reduction in the passenger vehicle subsector.

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