Audi’s piloted driving; a self parking car at CES on Driving the Nation

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Audi’s piloted driving; a self parking car at CES on Driving the Nation

Instead of going to the parking garage and getting your car you take your smartphone out and tell your car to meet you at the front of the lobby.

Imagine getting out of your car and telling your car to go park it’self with your smartphone.

Ann Lien, Senior engineer at electronics research lab for Audi of America in Belmont California gave us the scenario, you’re running late for an event, something that isn’t hard to imagine. As you’re coming out of your apartment you call for your car on your smartphone. This is all doable in the future through Audi piloted parking.

Lien was head of an autonomous vehicle group in the 2007 urban DARPA challenge. She knows it’s not feasible to put a $70,000 sensor on the top of a car to try and make it automated or autonomous. But it is possible to put sensors and radars in a luxury car and in the garage infrastructure so that the car can park it’self and bring it’self back down to the lobby. This not only saves time it saves gasoline. When a person is parking a car they look for the closest parking space. when a car parks it’self they don’t care where it parks or whether it is raining, they look for the first parking space. There is no getting in the car turning on the car and then answering a phone call and sitting there while the gasoline is being used. As soon as you tell your smart phone to tell your car to meet you at the lobby it comes down and meets you in front of the lobby.

Audi spends 8 percent of their gross revenue on research and development. You would think it was technology, or fear of litigation that was keeping this technology from coming out sooner, but according to Audi AG executives it is legislation.
There are parking areas in Germany that will begin using piloted driving in 2013.

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