Automatic versus Stick

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Do any of you use to find out how the fuel economy (miles per gallon) on a car you are researching is doing? I drove the 2014 Buick Verano 2.4-liter Ecotech 4-cylinder turbo. A beautiful car inside and out, quieter than most cars in that segment it totaled out at $32,680 which is pretty spot-on for a fully loaded compact car.

The unusual part was the mileage. I only got 20 mpg over 200 miles. That’s normal for me, to drive 200 miles in a week, but normal for the Verano should have been around 24 mpg according to the sticker.

I went on its website to Buick Verano and the information is interesting. A person that drove 89% with an automatic 2013 Verano got 20.1 mpg while a person that drove a stick 70% highway got 37.6 mpg.

It’s a great resource and if you have time you can start adding your information to the mix so that others can get a real world feel of what their car will get.

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