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August 9, 2013 car chat Washington Post

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Good morning Warren and Friends

Last week I noticed a comment after the show about the carbon fiber manufacturing. I have a video interview from the BMW i3 event with Joerg Pohlman, the VP of SGL carbon. I will post it today on and next week here (sorry, I thought we would have it done this morning for you, but…)

Last week someone asked about when safety testing on Mazda3 would happen. I asked Mazda about it and Mazda answered, “IIHS testing is taking place later in the fall. NHTSA hasn’t yet announced which 2014 vehicles it’ll be testing so not sure on that one. We’ll keep you posted.” Thanks, Eric from Mazda.

And, for all the naysayers, July was the greenest month ever – again.

Let’s chat about cars:

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