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Jack Jacometti served as Vice-President Global GTL Development and subsequently Future Fuels & CO2, Shell International. This led to his involvement in the shaping of sustainable energy futures, in cooperation with governments, business partners and international institutions. As a consequence, he became aware of the increasing instability of financial/economic systems and its interrelatedness with global resourcesecurity and environmental challenges.Following his retirement in 2010, he established Jacometti Associates which led tod the urgent need for:• Resilience initiatives and emergency preparedness on a regional, national and local scale, informed by scenario development• An integral approach, combining technological solutions with societal change as well as the psychology of change• A step-change in effectiveness of trilateral collaboration between government, the corporate sector and civil society is a particular area of focus.

Resilience through trilateral collaboration

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In our modern and globally interconnected world, it is clear that no country can work towards resilience in splendid isolation. Developing resilience strategies means building reliable alliances with others, based on a profound understanding of the limits of our planet. As a supranational organisation, using its right to propose European legislation, the European Commission is uniquely [...]