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Most people know Ron Cogan as the owner of Green Car Journal, and an expert on alternative vehicles. Cogan has spent the past three decades writing about cars. Cogan is as inspired about his hobbies as he is about cars; he owns a vineyard and travels the world tasting the food and wines of the world. Join Ron as he travels the world and brings the latest food and wine to your table.

Experiencing art in Italy’s Casole d’Elsa Medieval Village

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I’ve been to Italy three times now. The first was all about cars, an Italian motorsport tour that included visits to the Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati factories, along with attending the Italian Grand Prix. Yeah, it’s hard to top that if you’re a die-hard car enthusiast. But there’s more to Italy than legendary [...]

Sailing the Hawaiian Islands on the Pride of America

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Pride of America Stateroom balcony Over the years we’ve always found Oʻahu – the historical ‘gathering place’ for Islanders – our favorite in the Hawaiian Islands. We have visited Maui, Kauaʻi, and the Big Island of Hawaiʻi over the years but there’s just something about O’ahu that calls to us. It’s not the [...]

Autry cellars artisan winery experience

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When you think of great wines, California is as likely to come to mind these days as Bordeaux, Rioja, or Tuscany. It’s no secret that California’s wine industry has blossomed over recent decades to become one of the most notable in the world, producing some of the finest wines that rival those of [...]