Automotive roundtable with the John Batchelor radio show

Automotive roundtable with the John Batchelor radio show

Host, John Batchelor, Mary Kissell, Wall Street Journal, Lonnie Miller, R.L. Polk, and Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, talk about 2012 automobile sales.

The crash is over if you are looking at the 2012 automobile sales numbers? What is Polk forecasting for 2013?

Who is buying these cars?

How loyal are hybrid owners? How many hybrid owners are repeat buyers? How does that compare to loyalty for brands? How does it compare to loyalty to powertrains?

How is that Volt doing?

How did Chrysler make such a comeback?

About the Author:

L ou Ann Hammond has a work history in the energy and transportation field. Starting with Chevron Corp. in finance and accounting from 1978 to 1986. Hammond was exposed to the accounting, selling, management, and transportation of petroleum and all the alternative energies Chevron explored for during the turbulent 1970s. Hammond is the founder and owner of the first privately owned automobile website Carlist is the longest running used car database, since 1986, even prior to the Internet. Hammond's most recent website,, covers a broader range of subjects than solely the automotive or the energy industry. Driving the Nation encompasses both automotive and energy issues to show the audience how dependent we are on both. Hammond's varied background in the petroleum and automotive industry gives her an analyst insight into the myriad levels of automobile and energy topics.