Baton Rouge flood victim’s Dry Pillow Diary

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Baton Rouge flood victim’s Dry Pillow Diary

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for Steve Wheeler and his family. Wheeler is a journalist whose house has to be almost completely reconstructed after of the epic floods in Baton Rouge, Louisiana dumped over two feet of water in forty-eight hours.

Wheeler took to Facebook to let his friends and family know how they were doing after the flood. Each night Wheeler set on a twin bed and wrote a note, titled Dry Pillow Diary. Each night, more people commented. Each night we waited to see how Steve was fairing.

I am going to include the posts before Steve found a dry pillow to lay his head at night. After that Wheeler starts his Dry Pillow musings. As you will soon find out, Steve did not get much FEMA money, and he had no insurance. I will start with Day One and list them all. If you would like to help Wheeler and his family the Go Fund me account is still open and able to take donations.

August 18, 2016

Once again my head is on a dry pillow, and my family and friends are all safe.

I am blessed.

My little neighborhood in my little city of Denham Springs, La., looks like you know what, but we’re a resilient bunch in Louisiana. We will pull together and see each other through this.

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My little neighborhood in my little city of Denham Springs, La.

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