What type of wood is used inside of a Bentley?

Bentley is known for its luxurious vehicles, the handpicked and handcrafted materials it uses in its cars. The people who build the Bentleys are artisans, a craftsman at the top of the ladder. Mark Dawson and Paul Fischer talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com about the leather and wood used in the Bentley new flying spur.

What type of leather is used inside a Bentley?

Mark Dawson is the leather master in the leather and trim shop at Bentley’s Crewe headquarters. He showed me a complicated decorative cross stitch that is an option on a Bentley.

Paul Fischer is an associate craftsman for Bentley in the wood department. Fischer shows me the different types of wood and how he lays them together to create an option that is requested quite often in a Bentley.

Where does it come from?