TodayJanuary 24, 2022

Bill Auberlen in a BMW M2 around Laguna Seca

BMW Driving Experience

The reason you can’t understand the gibberish on the first video is that I accelerated the track 2 times the actual speed I was driving so that you could watch the video of me following Claudia Hürtgen, the chief instructor at the BMW Driving Experience. Seriously, it was painful for me to try to sit through as I wallowed around the track.

As I did more laps I got a little faster, but what I realized is how much confidence the car gave me. The M2 coupe is solid, it is more powerful than the BMW 1 M Coupe. The power-to-weight is exhilarating. The torque kicks in anytime you need it. It hugs the curves, even with that sand in the corkscrew as you’re going over the hill (you can see it!).

Am I a race car driver? No, Heck, I didn’t even spend the night at a Holiday Inn (you have to have seen their commercial to get the joke), but I went around the track and each time I got seconds better. The second time I did better. Then I rode in a pace car with Bill Auberlen.

Lou Ann Hammond

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