All I want for Christmas

A bike that grows up with you. Children as young as two can use the BMW Kids bike as a running bike. Once they have enough of running and finally want to ride a bike properly by pedaling, the BMW Kids bike becomes a child s bicycle simply by attaching the pedals.

While still using the Kids bike as a running bike, the child develops a natural sense of balance at an early stage and can also practice steering and braking. As soon as the young one feels safe enough, the pedals and chain can be fitted and the height-adjustable seat raised.

As with all BMW vehicles, safety is the top priority and so there are many safety features: resilient frame made from high-quality brushed aluminum, plastic pedals are fitted with reflectors, a child-friendly, and adjustable cantilever front-wheel brake, back-pedal brake if the pedals are attached, a child-friendly steering design, fully-enclosed chain, protective padding and controlled steering lock.

A bell and lights come standard and a DIN-tested cycle helmet is also delivered with the bike. Weight: 6 kg (8 kg with pedals), height 36 cm, min. seat height 38 cm, max. seat height 46 cm, max. weight load 50 kg. Price: $325.00