The V6 is going into the X6, the same V6 that is in the 335i.

Thomas tells us about the engines, and what his favorite part of the engine is, the turbo charger. This is the first eight-cylinder gasoline engine in the world to have a turbocharger in the V-section between the two rows of cylinders.

Consider this. BMW will be producing about 40,000 X6s a year, and according to a representative about 60 percent of those will be sold to Europe, Middle East and Russia. This will help BMW by hedging dollars, and it will beef up the trade deficit for the U.S. The X6 is iconoclastic enough that it will appeal to the young kid, especially in Hollywood and Bollywood.
Thomas talks about the diesel engine that will come to America. The two-mode hybrid is further off, but it will be such a small mix of the vehicles that it will look more like a test.

Back in 2005 I compared the 2,500 Dodge Ram pickups that were hybrids, and saving about 250,000 gallons of gasoline. If all Dodge Rams had hybrids, saving 3 miles per gallon we would have saved 82 million gallons of gasoline.

It’s the quantity of cars that make the difference. Understandably, though, BMW has to worry about CAFE requirements on their heavier machines, so they will conteract that 5,200 pound vehicle with a two-mode hybrid, eventually.