Frankfurt Auto Show (IAA)

Torsten Mlasko, Bosch Soft-Tech talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about myspin.

People are accessing their smartphones so much that there is a new spinal ailment called Text Neck, an ailment caused by bending your neck forward to read your smartphone. That continues even when people are driving Even while driving, people want access to their own phone, with their own apps and personalized content. But using smartphones behind the wheel is hazardous.

mySPIN solves this problem by integrating the smartphone with the car’s head unit. The driver can then use compatible smartphone apps directly from the car’s touchscreen.

mySPIN is fully customizable. The vehicle manufacturer retains total control over the customer experience, deciding which apps are available inside the car and which features can be used while driving. mySPIN supports iOS and Android smartphones. Support for Windows smartphones is currently in the prototype stage.