Maria-Belen Aranda Colas, Bosch’s senior manager of advanced engineering-future driver assistance, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about electromobility.

The future of mobility is electric and autonomous driving. Electromobility is an infrastructure of sensors, lidars, batteries, and radars. Combined with the most technologically advanced vehicles electromobility is projected to be on the road in mass by 2020.

Colas explains that the commonality between chassis and electromobility are the driver assisted systems, “the number one cause of accidents is still human behavior.” Colas goes through how many sensors, lidars, and radars there are in the prototypes we are driving at Boxberg, Germany. She also talks about what they have learned through the testing of electrification and automation.

Is Bosch working with Tesla and Google? Yes, but not on the Tesla electric autonomous vehicle we drove. Bosch is working towards a computer network on wheels. Bosch has acquired a U.S. start-up company Seeo Inc. Seeo created a solid-state battery cell with a lithium-anode. Bosch already has a joint development with a Japanese company. The battery cell technology will complement the joint venture