Ron Fancsal is a student at Airport high school. Fancsal, like many other 17 year olds, doesn’t like to parallel park. Fancsal worked with Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, and Fred from Bosch to parallel park manually, and then park with park assist from Bosch.

In 2006 Bosch brought parking space measurement system to the market. That technology allows a car to measure between parked cars to find a space their car could be parked in. Fancsal used that system, drove past the spot, then activated parking assist. The bumpers have sensors in them that guides the car into the parking spot. Fancsal still had to brake the car so that it didn’t hit one of the cars in front or back of the car he was parking, but the steering was done by the car. The hardest part for Fancsal was letting the car steer, while all he had to do was brake and accelerate. But after one time letting automation take over Fancsal was sold on the technology.