Bosch’s DC-DC start-stop converter on Driving the Nation

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Bosch’s DC-DC start-stop converter on Driving the Nation

Oliver Korasiak is an Engineering Manager at Robert Bosch. Korasiak talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, about Bosch’s start-stop dc-dc converter.

Autonomous engine stop-start systems have been in Europe for quite some time. With the high price of fuel in Europe, consumers can be 5-10 percent more fuel-efficient if they have start-stop on their vehicles.

Once the EPA starts using the start-stop technology in their calculations start-stop will become more advantageous to the car company. According to a January, 2012, paper by the Office of Transportation and Air Quality Idle test requirements for vehicles equipped with stop-start systems will be addressed in future EPA guidance. The initial thought is that the EPA approval will be required and that each start-stop design will be evaluated on a case-by­-case basis (because each stop-start design is likely to have different operation
characteristics and calibration parameters).

Korasiak shows us why the Bosch system is different from other systems.

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