Pascal Martin, Bosch’s Project Manager, Automotive Electronics, North America, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, about battery sensors.

Batteries have a negative and positive post. Bosch has incorporated a temperature unit in a sensor that is directly on the negative post of the lead acid battery so that the sensor can measure volt, temperature and current. The Start/stop function puts more pressure on the battery. All the technology in a car puts more demand on the battery.

What is the benefit of this sensor?

Does the sensor mitigate the demands on a start/stop?

What is battery stratification? Battery fluids are made up of acid and water. Acid is heavier than water. As more acid ends up on the bottom there is lead sulfate (sulfation) that reduces the life of a battery. The longer you can control the demands put on a battery
the longer your battery will have the storage capacity to meet all the demands of your car.