The 87th Geneva International Motor Show is in full swing. As is usual, Geneva brings out the beautiful supercars and the most lavish parties. Behind all the glitz and glamor are car companies with world premieres designed to intrigue and attract new customers for 2017. I asked Ian Beavis, Chief Strategy Officer for Foote, Cone, and Belding what his favorite cars were from this International Car Exposition and why “Brands that know their customers. Superbly upgraded products that keep their heritage and yet break new ground for their brands. These are smart people who know their customers.” Here are the four new cars that Beavis thought stood out as cars that know their customers.

20170307_142800_resized1-300x169 Brands that know their customers at Geneva Motor Show Aston Martin Audi Automobiles and Energy BMW Ferrari Jaguar Land Rover Luxury vehicles Mercedes-Benz Porsche Volvo

Ferrari 812 Superfast It is 800hp of pure naturally aspirated power with 0 to 200 of 7.9 secs. courtesy Ian Beavis

1. Ferrari’s 812 Superfast

Beautifully wrapped in 800 horsepower of pure naturally aspirated power with 0 to 200 of 7.9 seconds. The most powerful production car will take over where the F12 Berlinetta and the F12 tdf left off. The 812 will be graced with the heritage of previous generations of Ferraris made in Maranello, Italy. While keeping the graceful lines that make Ferrari instantly recognizable, Ferrari will bring forth the most technology available, including Electric Power Steering. There are only a few cars that can compete with this beauty and they are the Mclaren 720s and the Huracan Perfomante.