Shanghai, China – Micheal Austin, BYD’s Vice President, BYD of America, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, about BYD products in America, and the Qin (pronounced Ching) that will come to the United States in a couple years.

The Qin is named in honor of the Qin (or Ching) dynasty. Austin explains a brief history of how the Qin dynasty was created and why the first car that BYD/the Chinese are bringing to the United States is named the Qin.

The Qin is a plug-in hybrid and BYD claims that the Qin will have better torque, 440 nM, than any car except maybe a high-end luxury vehicle in the United States.

What is TID?

How much will it cost? What type of safety does it have on it?

Does BYD have their distribution network in place?

Tesla has a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz in the United States. BYD has a collaboration with Mercedes-Benz in China. Have they had other collaborations?

Warren Buffett owns 9.9% of BYD LTD. How much of the BYD LTD stock is U.S. owned?