Good Morning Warren and Friends,

I am dedicating this blog to Holly Reich and to anyone that has fought cancer. Holly fought cancer for twenty years, four times successfully. Each time I would ask her why she fought so hard and she would tell me that “because if I can help find a cure for cancer my suffering will have been worth it.”

Oh, Holly, I loved talking to you, visiting you and your family, your husband Mike, son Dylan, and daughter Jenna. Stretch loved the videos you would send him of you and Dylan doing crazy things. You taught me so much about love and laughter.

Godspeed girl. Oh, what the hell, go whatever speed you want. :)

I will always miss you. #cancersucks

How is everyone faring with Hurricane Matthew bearing down? Do you have an emergency kit in your house and your car? Not just for you, but if someone calls and needs your help, can you help them efficiently?

This week I drove a VW Jetta hybrid. I drove mainly highway and got 37 mpg for a sedan that starts at $31,000. IF you’re driving a hybrid, which one do you own? Would you switch to a plug-in hybrid

Let’s chat about cars

Click on the picture below to read the October 7, 2016 Washington Post Real wheels carchat

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