Dave Clegern, California Air Resources Board (CARB) spokesperson, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation today.

I asked Clegern if the diesels on the road right now were in compliance and if they could be sold as used in California. Clegern said that if you own a diesel car right now you can sell it.

The catch comes once Volkswagen and CARB have figured out the fix to bring the diesel car into compliance with CARB diesel regulations. You have six months to get the fix and register your car. If after six months you haven’t registered your car DMV will tag your car. After that, you cannot register your car if you have not taken it in to the dealership to have it fixed.

Will it take only one fix or will there be multiple fixes?

Will the fix change your fuel economy?

What will the audit/smog check look like in the future?