TodayApril 15, 2022

CARB’s Nichols on VW diesel in California

CARB – California Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, Driving the Nation about the status of CARB and Volkswagen.

What is the status of CARB and Volkswagen?

Will Volkswagen be allowed to sell diesel vehicles in California ever again? Nichols concedes that Volkswagen could sell again, but it sounds like it would be an arduous testing process. She is glad that Volkswagen has decided to bring out electric vehicles.

CARB in El Monte, CA was the group that figured out how Volkswagen defeated the test. They will be moving to a new net-zero building in UC Riverside in the next two years.

You can hear me on the John Batchelor radio show tonight talking about this

Nichols mentioned that Volkswagen and all parties would be meeting in NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA BEFORE THE HONORABLE CHARLES R. BREYER, JUDGE.

Below is the directive directly from the transcript –

In particular, they have reached an agreement in principle as to what to do about the approximate 480,000 2-liter engine cars on the road and the associated environmental consequences resulting from the excess emissions from these vehicles. It is my understanding that the Federal Trade Commission supports the agreement in principle, pending final Commission approval.

It is also my understanding that the agreement will give consumers several options, including the option to have
Volkswagen buy back their vehicle; and, subject to governmental approval after further testing, the option to have the consumer’s vehicle modified in accordance with the agreement; and for those consumers who have leased their car, to cancel the lease and return the car to Volkswagen.

The consumers will not have to select which option to pursue until the consumer has had the opportunity to fully evaluate the details of each option. There is nothing for the consumer or their counsel to do until they receive the actual formal notice.

In addition, the agreement will fully address any excess emissions of NOx coming from these vehicles, and the environmental consequences from these excess emissions, by establishing a fund for appropriate remediation efforts. In addition to all these other matters, Volkswagen will be required to commit other funds to promote green automotive technology.

And, indeed, I am sure you are aware there are approximately 90,000 cars with 3-liter engines. As well, there are the issues of fines and penalties. It is the Court’s expectation that the parties, in addition to finalizing the agreements that I’ve just discussed, will work expeditiously in resolving these outstanding issues.

There was another status conference ordered on May 19th, 2016, at 8:00 a.m.

Lou Ann Hammond

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