Ghosn hits Twitter with Human Rights

It appears Carlos Ghosn is not going to slip into the night quietly. In a tweet that calls out Japan for its lack of human rights.

The @UN is right: Japan has to reform its hostage justice system. NGOs, lawyers, scholars, citizens are mobilized and it is time for the government to listen to them and take action. #HumanRights @hr @UNHumanRights @CommissionerHR

Ghosn recently stowed away in a music box from Japan to Lebanon to get away from, what he called injustice, instead of justice. Ghosn has said that he left Japan because of the atrocities of the legal system in Japan, including no trial date being set fourteen months after his arrest.

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Human Rights Now

HRN Issues a Joint Statement Urging the Government of Japan to Accept a Country Visit by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention | Human Rights Now Global Site.
Human Rights Now, together with nine other organizations, has issued a joint statement urging the government of Japan to accept a country visit by the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention. Arbitrary detentions in Japan by immigration, criminal, and psychiatric institutions have resulted in serious violations of human rights. Despite many civil society groups urging the government to end the practice, the situation has not improved. Thus, we are requesting the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention to implement its procedure for a Country Visit to Japan and for the government of Japan to accept and fully cooperate with the Country Visit.

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