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Carlos Ghosn Joins Twitter Promises to Tell the Truth

I promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

In the nineteen hours that Carlos Ghosn’s twitter account has been up almost 37,000 people have followed him. Carlos Ghosn, Father, Husband, Former Chairman and CEO of Nissan Motor, Renault, Former Chairman of Mitsubishi Motors, Former Chairman and CEO of the Alliance is how his Twitter account describes him.

Ghosn tweeted twice, the same information, once in Japanese once in English

Ghosn tweeted twice, the same information, once in Japanese once in English

65-year-old Ghosn tweeted twice, the same information, once in Japanese once in English, “I’m getting ready to tell the truth about what’s happening. Press conference on Thursday, April 11.” At the time of the writing of this article, the English version had 5,500 hearts, over 400 comments, and almost 4,000 retweets. The Japanese version had 23,000 hearts, 900 comments, and 14,000 retweets.

Mixed emotions on Twitter

There are mixed emotions trolling the announcement. Oliver B said, get back to jail and stay there, get released once u paid what u owe,” while Adam Barrera stood faithfully, “Stood right alongside you with #GiveGhosnBail. Looking forward to hearing your side.”

Adam Barrera stood faithfully

Adam Barrera stood faithfully

The second group of trollers worked off the premonition of either corruption or covert action. Tweeter kkks3d is “Looking forward to the press conference. I do not know the truth regarding the allegations but I do know that you have done a lot of good for Nissan and the Japanese economy. Regardless of what happens, I thank you for all the good you have done too and being a figure to admire.”

Tweeter kkks3d is "Looking forward to the press conference

Tweeter kkks3d is “Looking forward to the press conference

While kami_souradeep was sure that, “He tried to steal Nissan and merge it into Renault forcibly, thus Nissan will officially be a French company, also divested group companies, in the name of profit.”

It is not confirmed that the Former Nissan chief joined Twitter himself, as he isn’t supposed to be on the internet. It is reported that the tweets that promised to unveil “the truth” behind his stunning downfall were created at his lawyer’s office. The tweet says the press conference will be on Thursday, April 11, but no location has been specified.

More charges ahead for Ghosn?

There is speculation in the Japantimes newspaper that Ghosn could be arrested again for more misappropriation of funds, this time for $31 million to a distributor in Oman. If that happens Ghosn could be sent back to the Tokyo Detention House.

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