Cars you can’t buy at the Chicago Auto Show

The 2018 Chicago Auto Show (CAS) is full of some of the highest performing segments in Chicago such as SUVs and trucks. There are luxury vehicles and even a supercar highway. Scattered throughout the show are cars that you can’t buy; concept cars, prototypes, museum pieces and even a new Police car.

Volvo’s Petfinder

Our first pet project isn’t a car; it’s a pet. This is another pet project from Volvo that helps our furry friends. Volvo has developed a line of dog restraints to protect their furry friends. The accessories line includes a Dog Harness, Protective Steel Grate, Load Compartment Divider and Dog Gate. Both the dog cage and harness are available at one of the more 300 Volvo retailers in the U.S. and Canada, or online.

Volvo Car USA will donate 10 dollars from every pet accessory purchase in 2018 to The Petfinder Foundation, the philanthropic arm of is a charity that works to prevent euthanasia of adoptable pets by assisting animal shelters and rescue groups across North America.

The dogs in the picture are from the South Suburban Humane Society

volvo_dogs-300x300 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Volvo’s Petfinder

The Chicago Auto Show is the most extensive auto show in North America, spanning more than one million square feet of production, museum pieces, concept cars and exotic vehicle exhibit space.

Headquartered in Chicago, Klairmont Kollections is the only museum car collection and premier event space in the city. WWII veteran and businessman Larry Klairmont has collected over 300 eclectic vehicles, and some are being shown at the Chicago Auto Show.

1955 Ford Beatnik Bubbletop

A vehicle from yesteryear is a 1955 Ford Beatnik Bubbletop designer by Gary Fioto.

1955-Ford-Beatnik-Bubbletop-300x225 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

1955 Ford Beatnik Bubbletop

The Batmobile

The Batmobile from the movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward is a 1973 Lincoln Batmobile replica of the 1966 Ford concept called the Lincoln Futura.

batmobile-300x225 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show


Toyota FT-4X Concept

What vehicle do you know of that has a water holder as part of the side door that can be taken out of the door when you go for a hike?
The Toyota FT-4X Concept, designed by Toyota’s CALTY Design Research designed the 4-door 4WD crossover for the person that wants to get away from it all in a vehicle that can take them there. Whether you are on a paved road or the Rubicon, the FT-4X displays generous approach and departure angles, wide over fenders, and tires designed just for the CUV. It’s a nod to what Toyota can, and might just do.

toyota_ft4x-300x300 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Toyota FT-4X Concept

Nissan Armada Snow Patrol with 370Zki snowmobile

Do you need a ride to the Chicago International Airport during Snowmageddon? I just might. It’s supposed to snow fourteen inches in the next 24 hours. The Nissan Armada Snow Patrol might be the perfect vehicle for the job. The Snow Patrol Armada is a unique project with a customized interior that includes Katzkin premium leather-trimmed seats with Pearl color surfaces and Cement color perforated inserts, and Cobalt color accents and stitching finished with the Armada Snow Patrol logo. The Armada Snow Patrol is the ultimate arctic vehicle ready to take on the mountains or Lake Effect Snow. Whereas most Armadas would use their 8,500 lbs. of towing capabilities to take snowmobiles out to play, the Snow Patrol is hauling the Nissan 370Zki – pronounced “370-Ski” – snowmobile. Celebrating almost 50 years of Z heritage with the company, the 370Zki is rooted in a convertible 2108 370Z Roadster with a set of skis out front and snow tracks in the back.

nissan_snow-300x300 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Nissan Armada Snow Patrol with 370Zki snowmobile

Fifty-year-old Ford F-150

While others were watching Jim Belushi and a freshened version of Ford’s Transit Connect small van or swooning over the Shelby F-150 with 700 freaking horsepower, I was having a blast with a 50-year old Ford F-150 with a stick shift. Look at the steering wheel; it had to be almost as big as the tires back then.

ford_f150_50-300x300 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Fifty-year-old Ford F-150

The Lexus Black Panther

The night before the Chicago Auto Show Lexus had a private party to showcase the 2018 Lexus LS 500 F SPORT that starred alongside Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther in the Super Bowl LII commercial that Featured the Song “Legend Has It” by Run the Jewels. Menacing!

Lexus-Black-Panther-300x300 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Lexus Black Panther

Star Wars The Last Jedi strikes again

At the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show Nissan unveiled seven ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi-inspired show vehicles and brought a couple of them to the Chicago Auto Show. The Nissan Rogue and Altima have been transformed to protect the Empire, the galactic government established by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine to replace the Galactic Republic in 19 BBY. We will see if they can bring Sith rule to the galaxy.

nissan-star-wars-300x300 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Nissan Star Wars


While you can buy a Dodge Sprinter, you can’t buy this one. A very cool way to show off how much the van can carry and the payload.

sprinter-300x225 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show


Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

The Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept is an autonomous prototype. The elongated sedan with coupe-like proportions features Infiniti’s VC-Turbo engine the world’s first production-ready variable compression ratio engine

infiniti_qconcept--300x225 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept

Cadillac Escala

The Cadillac Escala concept made its first debut at the Pebble beach Concours d’Elegance in Monterey, California. Escala – Spanish for scale, is designed to be a flagship sedan. The large 4-door sedan features an expansive liftback design with a 210.5 inches in overall length, Escala is roughly 6 inches longer than today’s CT6. That is scale!

The rear-wheel-drive is Escala is powered by a 4.2-liter twin-turbo V-8 engine, a prototype of a new system in development for future Cadillac models. The advanced engine utilizes Active Fuel Management technology, enabling fuel-saving 4-cylinder operation.

Cadillac-Escala-300x225 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Cadillac Escala

Lexus LF-1

The luxury crossover, with the spindle grille, will be the futuristic idea for the brand’s flagship of the future. According to Lexus, the LF-1 concept can be powered by fuel-cell, hybrid, plug-in hybrid, gasoline, or all-electric. By 2025, every Lexus model globally will be available as a dedicated electrified model, or have an electrified option.

Lexus-LF1-300x225 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Lexus LF1

Chicago P.D.

Not only can you not own this vehicle, let’s hope you never get offered a ride in it from one of your friendly police officers. The next generation police vehicle was unveiled today at the Chicago Auto Show. These new cars will be the first vehicles to wear the new CPD design in decades, and created by a Chicago police officer and selected by fellow officers and community members. Let’s be careful out there!

Chicago-P.D.-300x225 Cars you can't buy at the Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show

Chicago P.D. – Let’s be careful out there

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