Jim Federico, General Motors, on future cars on Driving the Nation

Jim Federico is the Executive Director, Group Vehicle Line Executive/Vehicle Chief Engineer for Global Compact, Small, Mini and Electric Vehicles. Federico talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, drivingthenation.com at the 2012 Detroit auto show. Is General Motors looking into using the battery in the Volt to help power the electric grid? What are the products Chevy will [...]

Secretary Chu: Battery manufacturing in America on Driving the Nation

Detroit, MI - In 2008 I interviewed Don Hillebrand from Argonne Laboratory. Hillebrand confirmed that Argonne is allowed to license chemistry produced by a federally funded American National Laboratory to foreign countries. That country is allowed to manufacture batteries in countries other than the United States and then sell the batteries back to American countries. [...]

Dr. Cramer Continental AG chassis and safety

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Dr. Ralf Cramer is the President and Member of the Executive Board, Chassis & Safety Division, Continental AG. Dr. Cramer is responsible for integrating active and passive safety with driving dynamics. He oversees the Business Unit's Electronic Brake Systems, Hydraulic Brake Systems, Sensorics, Passive Safety & ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), [...]

Evatran – Plugless power electrifying for free to the first 500 customers

I interviewed Evatran back in August of 2010. It sounded like a good idea then, so I'm glad to see it coming to fruition. Below is from their website Evatran, the developer of Plugless Power, is offering an incentive of up to 6 months of electric vehicle electricity to the first 500 customers to become [...]

How are Volt sales compared to the 24 other alt-power source vehicles?

WardsAuto U.S. Sales of Alternative Power Source Light Vehicles lists twenty-seven vehicles for sale as of November 2011. What are the cars and how is Volt faring compared to the other twenty-six vehicles? The twenty-seven, twenty-five if you don't count the Mercury Milan and the Saturn Aura that are still listed, with the starting MSRP [...]

Ford and GM China on the John Batchelor show

John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show and Gordon Chang, Forbes, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com about China and GM China. We talked about Ford in China and the United States. Mark Fields is Fords President of the Americas. Fields said that Ford “more than tripled their capacity for electric vehicles” (in between [...]

Chevrolet Volt pricing announced at Plugin 2010 conference

Tony Pasowatz was the first employee to be hired by General Motors to work on the Chevy Volt, back in 2006. Pasowatz talks about the pricing for the Volt, and the charging. How many Utility companies is Chevy working with to bring this new energy sourced vehicle to market? Is Chevy worried about software hackers?

Co-founder Tesla working for Volkswagen ERL

You can take a person's job away from them, but you can't take away their intelligence. Tesla Motors was incorporated in Delaware on July 1, 2003, by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. Back in 2006, I interviewed Martin Eberhard on the John Batchelor radio show. Eberhard was CEO and co-founder of Tesla motors. Eberhard was [...]

2010 Toyota Plug in Prius

Adam Crawford from the University of Toyota talks about the differences between the 2010 Toyota Plug-in Prius and the regular Prius. The cargo threshold has been raised to hold the lithium-ion battery pack. Crawford talks about the cooling system for the battery pack. Toyota has three separate blowers for the intake. Cool air blows in [...]