Going green – Do people care?

Do people care? “Opec yesterday warned western countries that their efforts to develop biofuels as an alternative energy source to combat climate change risked driving the price of oil through the roof” Abdalla El-Badri, secretary-general of the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) Financial Times, Wednesday, June 6, 2007 The nation oil refiners were [...]

Green Grand Prix July 6th, 2007

Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen Eight different power sources and fuels propelled 35 cars around scenic Seneca Lake on July 6th in the 3rd Annual Green Grand Prix at Watkins Glen. This fully competitive Time-Speed Distance Road rally was co-hosted by the Glen Region Chapter of the Sports Car Club in Watkins Glen. According [...]

Concept car of the year award winners

The concept car of the year award winners The winners are as follows: Concept car: Holden EFIJY Concept Truck: Jeep Trailhawk Production Preview: Jaguar C-XF Specialty: Chevrolet Volt Most significant concept car of the year goes to… Chevrolet Volt! This week I will be in Detroit on Thursday to present the concept car of the [...]

Frank Klegon explains Chrysler’s role with Bio-Diesel

Frank Klegon, Chrysler Groups Executive Vice President of Product Development, talks about Chryslers role with Bio-Diesel. Currently, Bio Diesel is a possibility for a renewable and sustainable energy source. The only problem that Chrysler has run into, is finding a standard for Bio-Diesel, but which is also expected to be decided upon by the end [...]

From the cornfield, wood pile, and landfill

Cellulosic ethanol joins corn ethanol as a cost-effective and environmentally viable way to fuel a vehicle LAKE ODESSA, Mich. “ A major step toward diversifying U.S. transportation energy supply is as close as the unused corn stalks from this seasons harvest, the waste from lumber mills, native prairie grasses, or even your lawn clippings. These [...]

Shell oil company’s Global Solutions on sustainable fuels on Driving the Nation

Dr. James (Jim) R. Macias, manager of the U.S. Fuels Technology Group for Shell Global Solutions, discusses sustainable fuels. Despite popular misconception, electricity is not a fuel, but rather a way of transporting energy. Is Shell working towards one means of fuel, or are they diversifying? Iogen, has recently received an offer for a 200 [...]

DOE awards trash to cash for gas

DOE will invest up to $385 million for six biorefinery projects DOE announced that they are in negotiations to award contracts to six biorefinery projects for research and development of cellulosic ethanol. The biggest breakthrough in cellulosic ethanol in these refineries will be to produce energy and ethanol from urban waste, also known as landfill [...]

Shell Global Solutions cellulose ethanol

U.S. Fuels Technology Group Dr. James (Jim) R. Macias, manager of the U.S. Fuels Technology Group for Shell Global Solutions, talks about Cellulose Ethanol and BioFuel. The benefits of these alternative energy sources make them rather appealing. Cellulosic Ethanol and BioFuel are both made from renewable resources; Cellulosic ethanol is made from corn, sugar, and [...]

2007 Shell Eco-marathon test-drive before the race

Fuel economy is the goal Finally, the test driving begins on the track at the 2007 Shell Eco-marathon. Not a speed race. Fuel economy is the goal. Watch the students navigate future vehicle concepts at the California Speedway, Fontana CA April 13, 2007. The car in the picture is from Cal-Poly. It won the race [...]

Kjell ac Bergstrom, Vice President of Powertrain, Saab

Kjell ac Bergstrom, Vice President of Powertrain, Saab, talks about and shows us the Saab BioPower concept car. The BioPower was design with using 2nd generation BioPower concept car. It is an example of what you could do with a car if you designed the engines for use with alcohol from the start, rather than [...]