Hyoung-Keun (Hank) Lee, Vice Chairman & CEO, Kia Motors Corp on Driving the Nation

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Frankfurt, Germany - I sat down with Hyoung-Keun (Hank) Lee, Vice Chairman & CEO, Kia Motors Corp. Of the things we talked about one area was how well Kia was doing in Brazil. I had talked to some Brazilians and they had said that both China and Korea were doing well, but that the Chinese [...]

Brazil’s President Lula at the 2010 Challenge Bibendum

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President Lula opening speech at the 2010 Challenge Bibendum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil When you listen to Brazil's President Lula talk he is mesmerizing. Lula has pulled Brazil out of the brink of bankruptcy, self loathing and the dependence of foreign oil. Lula was the first President to attend a Challenge Bibendum.  He took the [...]

Christophe Georges, Bentley, 2010 NAIAS

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2010 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Detroit, MI- Chistrophe Georges is the President and Chief Operating Officer, Bentley Motors, Inc. Georges talks about the engine in the Mulsanne. Is it the same as the one in the Arnage? Georges, says yes and no. It is a 6.75 liter V-8, but it is totally redesigned.  [...]

Frank Weber, Chevy Volt, before the 2009 Chicago Auto show

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Frank Weber, GMs Volt vehicle line executive talked about the Chevy Volt the day before the Chicago Auto show. The questions after the speech are usually the most interesting. Is the Chevy Volt a flex-fuel vehicle? If so, what is the difference in miles per gallon between gasoline and ethanol? How does the Chevy Volt [...]

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