BYD and China Washington Post April 2013

BYD on Washingtonpost Good morning Warren and friends Today we have as a guest, Michael Austin, Vice President of BYD Co. BYD is around 25% owned by Chairman Chuan Fu Wang, and 9.9% owned by Warren Buffett's Mid American Energy Holding Co. 50% of the stock holdings are US-owned. BYD Co., a company known for [...]

Fisker Automotive doesn’t have to go bankrupt: there are options

Car companies make mistakes all the time: some of the hardware, some of the software and some on the design. The difference between an established company making a mistake and a start-up company making a mistake is the ability to bounce back financially. The issue of bankruptcy is not because the Fisker Karma is an [...]

Fisker, Tesla and the Chevy Volt on radio

Tesla Fisker and the Chevy Volt Thursday 14 March 2013 / Hour 4, Block A: LouAnn Hammond,, in re: TESLA Lays off 100 Workers Due to New York Times Article Cancellations ... TESLA Lays off 100 Workers Due to NYT Article Cancellations? ... no idea of the scope of the cancellations, judging by the [...]

GM’s Ed Welburn, on the Cadillac ELR

Cadillac ELR concept electric vehicle Edward T. Welburn, General Motors' Vice President of Global Design, oversees the design development of all of General Motor's vehicles in production or concept. Welburn talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, about the newest Eyes on Design award, the Cadillac ELR. What are some of the refinements that Cadillac [...]

Tesla versus The Times, a Tempest in a teapot

New York Times versus Tesla's Elon Musk It's too bad that both The New York Times and Elon Musk, Co-founder and Owner of Tesla Motors, have lost sight of the story that was supposed to be written. One has to wonder how much of this Tempest in a Teapot is the new-fashioned click-through digital war [...]

If work had electricity would you buy an EV?

employers to provide chargers to their employees Washington, DC “ In what will probably be his last auto show as the Secretary for the Department of Energy (DOE), Dr. Steven Chu started his 2013 Washington Auto Show speech with an amazing fact, “We (the United States) spend roughly $1 billion dollars a day on foreign [...]

BMW’s Ludwig Willisch on BMW’s i-series and sustainability on Driving the Nation

BMW of North America's President and CEO Ludwig Willisch talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, about the BMW i concept cars. When will we finally see a production vehicle come out of all these i concept cars? Will it be a full EV, a plug-in, or an extended range, or all three. What will [...]

GM’s Ewanick out Clooney selling his Tesla

CNN Batchelor and Hammond John Avlon, CNN, and Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, talk to John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show. Ewanick is out of General Motors It was quick and decisive, Joel Ewanick, 52, global Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), General Motors was out. The only statement General Motors was making was, [...]

Energy cost per vehicle type and Natural Gas on the John Batchelor radio show

Lou Ann Hammond, CEO,, talked to John Batchelor, host of the John Batchelor radio show about energy costs per vehicle. Definitions: EV “ Electric Vehicle, this vehicle will only run on electricity. The Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus, Tesla Roadster, CODA, Mitsubishi i-MiEV and are all cars with just electricity. PHEV “ Plug-in Hybrid Electric [...]

Top alternative vehicle on KCRA NBC TV

Alternative Vehicles on KCRA Lou Ann Hammond, the CEO,, was on KCRA, an NBC affiliate in Sacramento, CA talking about alternative energy sources and how much they cost per mile. When people shop for a car they buy for functionality, what they need in a car. Some families need space for seven; some need [...]