Auto loans rising and for longer

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Experian has sent out their latest numbers on Q3, 2018 financing, and some are rosy, and some give a glimpse into the future of car-buying. Some of the highlights from the Experian conference are that loans are still way too high, over a trillion dollars a quarter. They are slowing down in growth, but still... [...]


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E.C.D. AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN DELIVERS NEWEST PROJECT, “THE FORCE,” A CUSTOM D130 WITH AN AGGRESSIVE PRESENCE POWERED BY AN LS3 V8 PRODUCING 565-BHP KISSIMMEE, FL – November 15, 2018 – E.C.D. Automotive Design delivers a bold, yet aggressive custom D130, project name, “The Force.” This D130 was designed with off-road adventures in mind with features such [...]

Cars that are lighter, faster and more fuel-efficient

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There are many reasons to make a car lighter including power-to-weight ratio that makes you go faster and have more fun. Another reason would be less costly if you are taking parts out of the vehicle. The number one reason to make cars lighter these days is for fuel-efficiency. Car companies are under siege to [...]