Hyperlooping in Hamburg is a joint vision

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Transporting containers at high speed through a tube to and from the Port of Hamburg – that is the joint vision of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and the US-based research and development company Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). Both companies want to make this idea a reality and have established a joint venture to [...]

E.C.D. Custom D90 automotive design

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E.C.D. AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN ROLLS OUT A BEAUTIFUL D90 WITH THE PERFECT COMBINATION OF MODERN LUXURY AND PERSONALIZATION KISSIMMEE, FL – December 4, 2018 – E.C.D. Automotive Design rolls out a beautiful custom D90 that combines modern luxury and style with features representing the client’s personality, highlighting just how much can be personalized on custom vehicles [...]

Campfire victims breath easier for free if you have a Nissan

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* The free-of-charge service applies to Nissan vehicles equipped with an in-cabin microfilter at participating Nissan dealers * Replacing the in-cabin microfilter is critical to in-cabin air quality * A dirty in-cabin microfilter should not be cleaned and reinstalled; replacement is recommended LOS ANGELES – Nissan is offering free vehicle in-cabin microfilter replacement for vehicle [...]