2018 hyundai accent review – first drive

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When the first Hyundai Accent came on the market in 1995, it was brought out with immense skepticism by the buying public. Hyundai's success came when they offered a ten year or 100,000 warranty. Accent's progress continues, partly, because Hyundai keeps improving the quality of the four-door sedan. Mike O'Brien, VP product corporate & digital [...]

ZF driving the autonomous future

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With the acquisition of TRW, ZF has positioned itself to be a contender in the Autonomous Driving, allowing cars to See, Think, and Act, with technology that will shape the next decade. ZF is a leader in sensors, intelligent control units, and actuators. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the company demonstrated the interaction between [...]

NAIAS – Small pickups are big – Ford Ranger

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The last time the United States saw the Ford Ranger was in 2011, but Ford is reviving the compact pickup game, taking on the Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, Toyota Tacoma, and Honda Ridgeline. The segment is big and just got bigger. Ford didn't announce the price, but you can expect it to be very competitive [...]