Campfire victims breath easier for free if you have a Nissan

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* The free-of-charge service applies to Nissan vehicles equipped with an in-cabin microfilter at participating Nissan dealers * Replacing the in-cabin microfilter is critical to in-cabin air quality * A dirty in-cabin microfilter should not be cleaned and reinstalled; replacement is recommended LOS ANGELES – Nissan is offering free vehicle in-cabin microfilter replacement for vehicle [...]

Banks announce joint framework for goals of the Paris Agreement

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Multilateral Development Banks announce a joint framework for aligning their activities with the goals of the Paris Agreement Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) today announced a joint framework for aligning their activities with the goals of the Paris Agreement, reinforcing their commitment to combat climate change. In a joint declaration, the MDBs committed to working together [...]

GM shutting 8 plants, killing sedans, reducing staff and salaries

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In a move reminiscent of 2005, General Motors is shutting down eight plants, killing their sedans and reducing staff and salaries. Is there a recession looming, or did everyone stop buying sedans? Or is this a tariff issue with the price of steel? President Donald Trump took General Motors CEO Mary Barra to task on [...]

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric ~ fuel for life

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Hyundai gets it - people don't want to sit in their bathroom and drive down the highway, they want to sit in their posh living room while driving down the road. Whether it is an alternative powertrain or not, people want luxury in their car. The price of the average vehicle is above [...]