Autonomous vehicles can drive themselves without human intervention also known as self-driving cars or robo-cars. Driving the Nation talks about autonomous vehicles of the future including alternative fuels and technology.

How can I protect my connected cars from hackers?

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A couple of years ago, a website called 2025ad was set up as a repository for everything that would bring autonomous driving to the 2025 goal. That goal has been pushed back to make room to create solutions for the challenges that have reared their ugly head. The snake in the room is cybersecurity. [...]

Foretellix CES 2020 no more dumb miles

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Quality versus Quantity If you drive the same route from work to home every day, you’re going to know those miles better than any software program. You’ll know when Ms. Smith opens her blinds and when Mr. Rogers and his dog stop at the corner. These are called dumb miles or quantity of miles. Dumb [...]

Cybersecurity is a real automotive threat

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Automotive related cybersecurity incidents doubled in 2019, increasing 605% since 2016; the AutoThreat Intelligence service delivers critical visibility to address growing cyberattacks on connected vehicles. HERZLIYA, Israel – Upstream Security, a leading provider of cloud-based automotive cybersecurity solutions, today released its 2020 Automotive Cybersecurity Report. The report highlights vulnerabilities and insights identified during 2019 from [...]

Hyundai Autonomous truck Xcient on Korean highway

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The demonstration showcases breakthroughs in commercial autonomous driving technology with V2V communication Part of the national demonstration project involving government, corporations, and academia for leadership in autonomous technology SEOUL, Nov. 11, 2019 — Hyundai Motor Company successfully conducted the company’s first platooning of trailer trucks on the Yeoju Smart Highway replicating real-world traffic conditions. Hyundai [...]

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