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EmDrive engine and Sir Issac’s third law blues

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#EmDrive Skinny: Thrust is the reaction to an electromagnetic frequency (read vibration) and a waveguide (read metal pipe) NO fuel (chemical, nuclear) required The Universe is the "fuel." Newton is listening Hotel Mars is a robust recurring John Batchelor Show segment with Dr. David Livingston,  AKA Dr. Space of The SpaceShow which reviewed #EmDrive propulsion with Dr. Mike McCulloch last week. [...]

Victor Muller and the Spyker C8 Preliator

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He's back! It was so good to see Victor Muller standing in the middle of the Lodge at Pebble Beach during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Muller goes through the aviation history of the Spyker, and what Preliator means (even though his Son Oliver told me it meant something different). The engine is [...]

She flies – learning to fly

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Step One: Getting Started is Easy—and a Thrill! I have taken off from a frozen lake, landed on snow, grass and dirt runways with my hands on the yoke and feet on the rudders of both small tricycle-geared and tailwheel airplanes. I have rotated to become airborne from an asphalt surface and rolled [...]