Ten things to know before you tow

Top ten things to know before you tow We have an eclectic group of friends with many different interests: some of them including towing and hauling animals and cars. Ed owns the Aerocar, the 1958 Moult Taylor designed flying car. Ed has two sons, one lives in Florida, the other in Auburn, CA. Both sons [...]

2012 Terrafugia Transition at the NYIAS on Driving the Nation

Dr. Carl Dietrich, CEO, Terrafugia Transition talked to Lou Ann Hammond at the New York auto show. Hammond has interviewed the owners of the Aerocar, a 1958 flying car, driving airplane. What is the difference between the aerocar and the Terrafugia Transition? How long does it take to convert from car to airplane and back [...]

Terrafugia’s Transition with Dr. Carl Dietrich on the John Batchelor radio show

Terrafugia on the John Batchelor Radio Show John Batchelor, the host of the John Batchelor radio show and Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com, talked to Dr. Carl Dietrich, creator of Terrafugia's Transition airplane/car. Batchelor and Hammond have talked about Dietrich's Terrafugia since 2006. The flying car or driving plane was finally shown at the 2012 [...]

The flying aerocar and the Terrafugia on Wall Street Journal’s news hub

Simon Constable, host of Wall Street Journal's the hub, and guest host Wendy Bounds talked to Dan Neil, automotive writer for the Wall Street Journal and Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com We compared the 1956 Moult Taylor designed the aero car to Dr. Carl Dietrich's Terrafugia. There are similarities and differences, but both are considered [...]

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The flying car, the Terrafugia, gets closer to flying and driving

Simon Constable, guest host of the John Batchelor radio show and host of WSJ's news hub talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com about the Terrafugia. Hammond interviewed Eric Sweeney of Auburn airplane works in Auburn, CA. Sweeney refurbished the 1956 Moult Taylor aero car, the only aero car flying. What are the similarities between [...]

Worlds ONLY flying 1956 Moult Taylor Aerocar

Auburn, CA - Eric Sweeney, co-owner of Auburn Airplane works, talked to me about the 1956 Moult Taylor designed Aerocar. There were only 4-5 Aerocars built. This is the only Aerocar that is flying. Sweeney's father, Ed, owns the plane/car and they are restoring it. The Aerocar has been in the family for twenty years. [...]

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Saab – will they fly, or auger in

The perils of Saab I interviewed the chief designer, Ed Welburn, of General Motors at the Chicago auto show. I asked him what was the one car that stretched his creativity the most. He answered Oldsmobile. It seemed like an unlikely answer, after all, Oldsmobile had become defunct. But his answer was enlightening, and it [...]

Klaus Busse, Chrysler’s Uconnect, at the 2009 Chicago auto show

Klaus Busse, Advance Interior & Component Designer for Chrysler talked about the Chrysler 200C and the Uconnect at the 2009 Chicago auto show. The Uconnect can be used with the iphone, or other smart phone, to customize your vehicle. You can play your favorite tunes, and customize your instrument panel. If you're on a trip [...]

VW’s one-liter and Tesla’s new electric sedan

Which car will go into production first, the Volkswagen 1-Liter Concept car or the Tesla Motor S? In October 2007 Dr. Thomas Gaensicke, Volkswagen AG, drove me around San Francisco in the 1-liter car built by Volkswagen. Billed as the most fuel-efficient car in the world, VW has created a two-seater made out of magnesium [...]