2013 Shanghai auto show floor scenes

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Shanghai, China - Scenes from the 2013 Shanghai auto show includes the women, the characters, the police and the cars. Watch the video to see BMW, BYD, Peugeot, Renault, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, Geely, Opel, Mazda, Smart, Brabus, Citroen, Luxgen, JAC, Infiniti, Volvo, Continental, Buick, Kia, Chevy and Jeep on the floor of the Shanghai auto [...]

The designers of the Cadillac ATS

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Bob Boniface, Cadillac Exterior designer, and Eric Clough, Cadillac Interior designer, talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com about designing the Cadillac ATS. What does it mean to Boniface and to win the North American Car of the Year for the Cadillac ATS? What one thing inside, and outside, according to the designers, made the [...]

The New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) on the John Batchelor radio show

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If the pre-shows are indicative of what the show it'self is going to be like, the New York auto show is going to be about luxury and fuel efficiency. The luxury groups are not going to die, as some had prophesized. What other place, but New York, to main line luxury into the hearts and [...]

GM’s Ed Welburn, on the Cadillac ELR

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Edward T. Welburn, General Motors' Vice President of Global Design, oversees the design development of all of General Motor's vehicles in production or concept. Welburn talked to Lou Ann Hammond, CEO, www.drivingthenation.com, about the newest Eyes on Design award, the Cadillac ELR. What are some of the refinements that Cadillac has made on the ELR [...]

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