COVID-19 Democrats Republicans and car sales

COVID-19 Impacts Democrats and Republicans Differently, Strategic Vision Research Reveals Strategic Vision released its annual results, focusing on new-vehicle buyers' similarities and differences based on their self-identified political affiliation. These include Republicans, Democrats, and Independents and those who identify as leaning Liberal or Conservative with no stated party preference. Given COVID-19's impact on the economy, [...]

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The real cost of owning a car

Freedom's just another word There really aren’t too many things better than going for a long drive, is there? It’s just you, your car, your playlist, and the open road. It’s one of those life-affirming experiences, one that allows you to dream big, a reminder of how fun technology and our human inventions can be. [...]

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Car Costs Are Driving You Around The Bend

Buy the asset you need You love cars, but that doesn’t mean they don’t drive you mad! The fact is that vehicles don’t follow the same rules as any other asset you purchase. Your house increases in value over time. Your car, however, decreases by a considerable amount within seconds of driving it off the [...]

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Volkswagen investing in Autogravity app

21st century auto financing Fintech may soon be coming to the auto loan market. VW has announced that it is investing several million dollars in auto financing platform, AutoGravity, according to Fintech Futures.  Currently, if drivers want to take out a car loan, they have to go to a dealership to apply. The dealer takes [...]

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