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Negotiating the final price of your car

Manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) is just that, a suggested price the manufacturer. Most people look at the MSRP and negotiate that price. There are other prices that are variable that can be negotiated. Some states have stepped in and regulated the fees, others allow you to negotiate the price. Most the time these fees [...]

Is auto leasing the new car sharing?

Car companies talk about car-sharing as a new experience, but consumers have already started the process, just in the form of automobile leasing. Leasing vehicles have been on the rise, and the Experian analyst group says that there is a strong resurgence in leasing, versus owning. Anecdotally, some of this has to do with people [...]

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Pacifica on the Pacific, Volt, Altima carchat

Good Morning Warren and Friends, Last week I told you I would be driving the Chrysler Pacifica, so today I am on the Pacific Ocean about to head off in the Pacifica. Next week I will have the driving impressions. I am in a Pacifica presentation as we speak, so if you have any questions [...]

St. Patricks day just got greener, thanks to Japan

For some it is March Madness, for others it is St. Patricks day, for the Japanese car makers it is the end of the fiscal year, and that means for all life just got a little greener. According to, green deals include lease specials and savings of up to 17% off MSRP on a [...]

Top vehicle State and car registered in America

California still reigns supreme as the number one place Americans registered cars from Nov. 1, 2014, through Oct. 31, 2015. Experian Automotive announced that the Ford F-150 continues to hold the top spot in the light-duty registration for the same period, but the big announcement is the diversification of vehicles registered. California is a no-brainer [...]

What did you pay for your car, finance rate?

2015 Car sales The Nation is on the precipice of hitting 18,000,000 units sold in 2015, and the heat is on. There are winners and losers in November's sales. If you're going to purchase a vehicle in December, it's important to know which vehicles will have the most incentive on the hood, so that you [...]

2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Washington Post

Good Morning Warren and friends I'm back!!! I had a great time with Bosch at their 62nd International Automotive press briefing. I got to drive the (as far as I know) first-ever electric AND autonomous Tesla Model S! I haven't put up the video yet, but I got to ride in the blood-curdling Porsche 918 [...]

2015 Jaguar XJL Real Wheels Washington Post

Good Morning Warren and friends This week I had the pleasure of driving a 2015 Jaguar XJL Portfolio edition. What a beautiful car. The base cost is $84,700. The car I drove totaled out at $96,663. Beautiful British racing green paint ($1,500) and the premium rear seat package for $7,750 that includes massage and heated [...]

April 10, 2015 Washington Post carchat

Good Morning Warren and friends As most of you know Warren lives in Virginia, and I live in California, so we rarely get to see each other. The highlight of the New York auto show was getting to spend some time with my good buddy WarBro. New York is fashion and money, the catwalk and [...]