Nick Reilly, GM Asia Pacific

Beijing, China - In the middle of the Beijing auto show Nick Reilly, head of GM Asia Pacific, set down for a roundtable talk with some journalists. Here are some highlights from his talk, plus a video of highlights: Over the next decade, General Motors anticipates that vehicles sales in Asia Pacific will grow at [...]

Nissan Teana

Beijing, China - I was talking to my buddy, Warren Brown from the Washington Post. I told him I was going to Beijing and Portugal and asked him what he wanted me to video. "The Nissan Teana", he replied. After Beijing I went to Portugal for Nissan's 360 global product introduction and the Teana was [...]

Nissan Pivo2 concept technology

2008 Beijing Auto Show Beijing, China - It's so Asian! A little Hello Kitty type car with a smiley face and cute colors. Most people at the Beijing auto show think it is to keep the kids occupied while the adults look at the real cars. Wrong! PIVO 2 is a concept car that Nissan [...]

Michael Grimaldi, Pres & CEO of GM Daewoo

Michael Grimaldi, President and CEO of GM Daewoo and Vice President of General Motors talks about the significance of General Motors Daewoo Auto & Technology (GMDAT) to General Motors. This was an hour long chat that I have cut down into five minutes. Some interesting facts from Korea: I was talking to a person yesterday [...]

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan, in Beijing

Carlos Ghosn, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Renault and Nissan Motor Co., LTD, talked about the two vehicles he sees as viable options for the future: electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Ghosn sees electric vehicles as more viable in the near-term and is working with different countries, including China, to put electric vehicles on [...]

Ian Callum in Beijing

Jaguar XF Beijing auto show Ian Callum, Director of Design, Jaguar, talked to me in Beijing, China. Callum was in Beijing to unveil the XF. How is the XF doing? Jaguar was just purchased by the Indian company, TATA. What changes does that mean for designing Jaguars? China-only Jaguar XF L unveiled at Beijing Motor Show.  It will be offered [...]

Rick Wagoner, CEO, General Motors in Beijing

Beijing auto show Rick Wagoner, Chairman, and CEO, General Motors, talked to a group of journalists in Beijing, China. One of the big questions swirling has been where will China get the fuel for the gasoline vehicles? China is not beholden to the internal combustion engine. Which alternative vehicles is China looking at, and are [...]

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